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LASER SOLUTIONS:  Using a LPT Laser Projector to perform factory or building layout

  * LPT Laser for Panel or Production Certification * LPT Laser for In-Production Part verification.  LPT Lasers can be viewed at:


CNC-Machining of Weld Tools, Plastics, Wood laminates, Aluminium and steel and Certification of Checking and Gage Fixtures


Project Management for factory or building layout.


Our LPT Laser Layout Process will

Considerably  Increases 1st Time Quality 

The laser projects the math data
which will alleviate rework and completely eliminate layout errors.

Our LPT Laser Layout Process will

Drastically Reduce Time-In-System

Allowing more floor equipment to be installed in less time which saves your company money.
Our LPT Laser Layout Process will

Significantly Reduces Labor Costs per Factory or Building Layout

No Matter how small or how LARGE  your layouts, we will save your company time and money on installation costs. We will reduce installation timing and we will increase quality throughput by helping you meet your startup dates !!!
Call (810-701-8968) or write us  today so we can help you plan to save money and manage the installation of your factory or building layout projects.